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All the 80's best deejays for

radio megamix 80 plays funky, disco music, house, italo disco from the 80s mixed by the best DJ of the 80's


La travolgente, favolosa, originale e indimenticabile musica degli anni 80 mixata dai migliori megamixers! 

The awesome 80's mega-mixed by the best deejays!

Radio Megamix 80 is the radio station that plays in streaming Funk & Soul mixes and megamix, Dance music mixes and megamix , Disco music mixes and megamix, House mixes and megamix, Electronic Pop mixes and megamix and Italo Disco mixes and megamix from the 80s! On Radio Megamix 80 you can dance and listen to the best and original 80's mixes, remix and megamix made by DJ Bizzie Bee, DJ Ben Liebrand, DJ Alberto Martin, DJ Mike Gray, DJ Silver, DJ Claudio Calvello, DJ Alan Coulthard, DJs Cyta & Rogers, DJ Massimo Artusi, DJ Paul Dakeyne, Happy Margo Flow Power, DJs Hurby & Check, DJ Les Adams "The Mix Doctor", DJs Marco Trani & Stefano di Nicola, DJ Nigel Warin, DJ Oliver Momm, DJ Enrico Monizza, DJ Rob Manley, DJs Tony Postigo & Javi Villegas, DJs Mike Platinas & Javier Ussia, DJ Ottavio Sara and many 80's rare mix bootleg disks like Broadway,  Hollywood, Super Sound, Rock 80, Sunshine, Studio 54, Black-out.

 The meaning of "mega​​mix"

Megamix is a medley remix containing multiple songs in rapid succession. There may be only one verse or even just a brief chorus of each song used, sometimes in addition to samples of the same or other songs. To unify the songs together smoothly, a single backing beat may be added as background throughout the megamix, although this is not a must. This backing beat is kept basic so as to simplify mixing and to not compete with the music. These mixes are usually several minutes long at minimum, going up to a half-hour or an hour, or even more sometimes. 

la musica mixata degli anni 80



 "ALEXA, chi c'è in onda?"

la musica dance degli anni 80
la musica da discoteca degli anni 80
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We are looking for FM or DAB radio station partners interested in broadcasting Megamix 80 exclusively.
If you are a publisher and you like our project get in touch with us!

25 thoughts on “Radio Megamix 80”

  1. 1

    Saluti tutti!!! It’s cool to hear the music and see how different people can have common likes…such as music. Ciao! Big ups to my people in Napoli!!!

  2. 1

    ey Massimo, Complimenti per il tuo site. Fine anni 80 io abitavo a Venezia e certamente ascoltavo il tuo Megamix su Radio Company ed grazie a Internet adesso posso ascoltare gli stessi mix che avevo registrato nelle cassette. Ti saluto dalla Argentina.

  3. 1

    It was nice to find this station on the web.Maximum respect to those who keep this dream alive. Big up everytime.

  4. 3

    Sarà il desiderio di tornare indietro, di rivivere con il pensiero i miei anni 80, sarà la garnde passione che ho per la musica e per la radio….caro Artusi, con questo sito mi hai fatto un bel regalo. GRAZIE:

  5. 1

    I like this radio station! It’s really cool and I can dance to songs that I used to hear when I was younger.I love this music.

  6. 1

    the memories!!! you make me miss Italy!!! (by the way: the first time I hear Dee d jackson on the radio in 11 years!!!)

  7. 1

    tres bon site et bravo toujours de la bonne music.dans les années 80 j’etais dj alors je trip sur votre station .merci michel

  8. 1

    What a good surprise !!!!! MEGAMIX 80 is the best on the NET…. Don’t leave us without you. a fort hug for all…..

  9. 3

    Ciao MAX, forse tu non ti ricordi di me, ma probabilmente di Paolo Ranzato di Codigoro (FE), io ora lavoro come guest DJ a HONG KONG e USA e le playlist che suono sono molto simili a cio’ che selezioni. Complimenti

  10. 1

    What a blast to find my favorite dj ben liebrand at the time i listened to him on radio veronica in 1985. I wish you a happy new year. Ciao bello

  11. 7

    It’s the first day of this 2023 and we want to wish you a happy new year. We have activated on our page the possibility to leave us your feedback, greetings, comments or anything that crosses your mind. A big hug and see you soon!

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